What do you guys think of the Forum?

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What do you guys think of the Forum?

Post  MJGMANUTD92. on Fri Aug 15, 2008 6:36 am

What do you guys think to the forum?

Remember it was only started yesterday so we will only have a few members. Also the forum is in a mess at the moment with not many boards or threads within them.

And you might be thinking "Why as nothing been changed" on the forum? Well the answer being..it has. But the changes have been things you will not notice at first glance.

We changed the place of your profile on a post. So now instead of it being on the left side of all of your posts, it is now on the right side.

We have assigned images underneath each rank, basically stating that rank. Like Moderators will have PSmod on their profile.

We have also added new boards for shooters and fighters. More coming tomorrow!

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