Forum Ranking System!

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Forum Ranking System!

Post  MJGMANUTD92. on Wed Aug 13, 2008 11:31 am

Forum Ranks are going to be a big part of the Operation Playstation Forums. The higher the rank, the more respected you will be in the community. This is not to say that any member of the moderation team will favour a higher ranked member to a lower ranked member, all members are the same.

Their is currently 50 Ranks which can be reach by doing certain thing. On Operation Playstation we base ranks on a few factors, mainly post count and registration date. Different ranks come up when you meet a post count level and you've been a member for a certain length of time.

We will also award special 'Quick Rank Ups" which gives the user the next rank. We will Reward these when we see a member with a few good posts. This award will also most commonly be awarded to the 'Poster of the Week'.

We also have our SMC members, of whom will be the most respected members in the community. To become part of the elite group you must post daily, and contribute to the forums. Remember, their is a lot more advantages of being a SMC Member.

Now you may be thinking to yourself 'Well what are the Rank Names and when do we get them?" - Well thats a surprise! If we gave up all our secrets there'd be no fun in any of this! Even the list of the rank names and their order are a closely guarded secret, known only to select members of the Moderating Team who have been sworn to secrecy. Have fun discovering the ranks as you participate in the community!

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