Welcome to the PlayStation Creations Forum!

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Welcome to the PlayStation Creations Forum!

Post  MJGMANUTD92. on Wed Aug 13, 2008 5:54 pm

Welcome to the PlayStation Creations Forum! This board is intended to be a place for you to share your PlayStation creations with your fellow forum members! Wallpapers, drawings, signatures, songs, poems, stories, videos, whatever! You make it and we supply the audience!

Before participating in this forum, please take the time to familiarize yourself with all the rules and standards of this forum. Failure to follow these rules and standards could result in your posts being removed from the forum.


Threads may only be created to display an original creation. All others will be deleted. By "original creation", we mean something that you, yourself, have created. You should not post works by other people under any circumstances. This forum is here to show off your stuff!

Start a new thread in order to show off your creations, rather than adding-on to someone else's thread. Replies to threads are only meant for comment and feedback of the original creation.

Replies should be constructive and helpful. Do not just post a rating, and avoid replying with only a few words. These members have obviously put their time into the creations, so respect their works and put time into your replies! Replies with little-to-no constructive feedback are subject to removal.

Members should avoid creating many new threads per day. One a day is great, two or three is alright, but more than that is excessive. We want to give everyone an equal spotlight, so if you have multiple creations for a day, try to combine them in one thread.
This forum is for PlayStation Creations, not general works. Creations that are not PlayStation-oriented will be deleted. What is and is not considered a "PlayStation Creation" is hard to clearly define, so the Moderating Team will have to use their best judgment.

Images posted in threads should not exceed 500KB and should be no more than 520 pixels wide. Images that exceed these restrictions should be posted as thumbnails and/or links to the full images.

When linking to off-site images, please provide the URL directly to the image, rather than any webpages that may display the images such as another gallery.

Battles and other types of unofficial competitions or contests are not permitted.
Requests for signatures, icons, etc are not allowed in this forum. Please visit the Forum Support forum for such requests.

It should go without saying, but we'll say it again anyway: all community rules and policies apply. As such, all content should be kept appropriate. There is zero tolerance for this.

In order to make our PlayStation Creations forum more organized, we're suggesting a title standard for creations. To help your fellow members, please follow these standards when titling your post: "[prefix] Title or Description of Creation". For example, if you are creating a thread for a wallpaper you made that you're calling "A History of PlayStation", you would title your post "[G] A History of PlayStation" or something along those lines. A list of prefix codes is found below.

Prefix codes:

[A] - For use with audio creations, such as songs.
[C] - For use with the more classical forms of art such as drawing, painting, etc.
[G] - For use with computer graphics such as signatures, icons, and wallpapers.
[P] - For use with photographic creations.
[L] - For use with literary works such as poems, stories, and song lyrics.
[V] - For use with video creations.

If you choose to include multiple creations in a single post, you can even combine the prefix codes. For example, a thread containing both photos and hand-drawn sketches could be titled with the prefix "[CG]".

This forum is currently being provided on an experimental basis. We've never really done anything of this nature, so we will be evaluating the results and tweaking our format as we go. Regardless, remember the three golden rules:

Keep it appropriate.
Keep it original.
Keep it fun.


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