Welcome to the PLAYSTATION®3 General Forum!

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Welcome to the PLAYSTATION®3 General Forum!

Post  MJGMANUTD92. on Wed Aug 13, 2008 1:07 pm

Welcome to the PLAYSTATION®3 General Forum! This forum is exclusively intended for general discussion related to PLAYSTATION®3.

PLAYSTATION®3 General - Topics related to PLAYSTATION®3 hardware and accessories.


PLAYSTATION®3 Media - Topics related to Movies, Music, and Creative Media.

PLAYSTATION®3 Games - Topics related to PLAYSTATION®3 Games.

PLAYSTATION®3 Updates - Topics related to PLAYSTATION®3 Firmware Updates.

Please be aware that discussion of other consoles, games, and products other than the PLAYSTATION®3 are not permitted on this forum. Any messages breaking this policy are subject to immediate deletion.

Additionally, flaming, trolling, and personal attacks on others will not be tolerated. Offending users of such acts may be subject to a ban.

Any member found to be intentionally spamming, flaming, or trolling other communities such as the Xbox or Nintendo Forums may also be subject to immediate ban from the PlayStation community. There's really no excuse for such behavior. Such actions give all Playstation gamers a bad reputation, and allows for the possibility of retaliation. There is no need for spamming. Just enjoy your system(s) of choice and let others enjoy theirs.

If you come across any of the aforementioned infractions, please use the 'Report Abuse to Moderator' function. Do not take matters into your own hands. Retaliation will be dealt with the same as those who initiated the incident.


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